SLP 17: How to be more productive with Speed Learning – Timothy Moser im Café — Teil 2/4

Timothy Moser Portrait

Wie man produktiver mit Mnemotechniken lernt, was unsere eigenen Herausforderugnen bei unseren Lernprojekten waren und was du davon lernen kannst. Heute im Memory Café: Teil 2/4 des Gesprächs mit Timothy Moser von und
Dieses Memory Café Gespräch ist auf Englisch.

This episode is all about personal productivity and mnemonics. Learn in this episode of the Rethinking Memory SCHNELLER LERNEN Memory Café:

  • What one of our own biggest challenges is when it comes to memorizing something in the long term
  • How reviewing every day is more important than learning new things every day
  • What specific routine I followed when I memorized the whole Bible
  • How spaced repetition helps you make even bigger memory leaps forward and when to use a more organic approach
  • How the memory palace can help you do more in less time
  • How making it a habit to memorize can help you tons in achieving your personal learning goals.
  • What advice I would give a student who wants to learn 100 poems or an anatomy book on how to estimate how much time he needs to put in and be able to stick to the schedule
  • How being gracious with yourself can help you achieve your goals
  • What to do if your teachers are not gracious but very demanding
  • How the simplest productivity book helped me to transform from totally chaotic to organized.
  • Which awesome new book on memory and learning you should read when you are currently attending classes in school or university
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