SLP 52: What neuroscience tells us about the memory palace – Interview with Dr. Jenny Rodger – Part 2/2

Neuroscience and the memory palace

Modern neuroscience meets ancient mnemonic techniques.
This podcast episode is ins English. Dr. Jenny Rodger, neuroscientist and associate professor at the University of Western Australia talks with me about how the brain forms the strongest memories and why methods like the method of loci or the memory palace are such effective methods for learning huge amounts of information faster.

We learn about how soldiers with head wounds have told us the most about how the brain works and which parts of the brain are especially active when we learn with those techniques. This tells us a lot about the actual why behind those techniques.

Why are these techniques so effective? Dr. Rodger gives us the answer.

Modern neuroscience meets ancient mnemonics:
Dr. Rodger also shares interesting insight about the work she has done with Dr. Lynne Kelly, author of the fascinating book “The Memory Code” and “Memory Craft”. Dr. Rodger and Dr. Kelly have both done some great work in trying to bring modern neuroscience and ancient mnemonic learning techniques together. Make sure not to miss this fascinating episode.

Where you can find Dr. Rodger:

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