SLP 20: Eine Sprache in 1 Monat fließend sprechen lernen? – Timothy Moser im Café — Teil 3/4

Timothy Moser Portrait

Du willst eine Sprache schneller lernen? Heute im Memory Café: Teil 3 des Gesprächs mit Timothy Moser von Diese Episode ist auf Englisch. This episode is all about language learning and how to speed learn a new language with the techniques world memory champions use. Achieve your fluency goal faster than ever with these great hacks.

Learn in this episode of the Rethinking Memory SCHNELLER LERNEN Memory Café:

  • How you as a native German speaker can learn any language faster than ever by using flashcards and paying attention
  • The two keys in perfecting your language skills in any language: comprehension and imitation and how to harness them
  • What I specifically did so that I picked up my American accent really really fast (which I did not learn in school)
  • Why it is not a good idea to learn a language the way an average language book teaches you.
  • Why you should always start with a frequency list first, what that is and how to use it so that you make the fastest progress.
  • What you can learn from little children for your own language learning project
  • Why learning grammar through grammar rules is a terrible idea if you want to learn a language fast and what to do instead
  • What to do if you are stuck to a teaching book in school that teaches you the language in a time consuming non-efficient way. What to do to still be faster than everyone else
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