SLP 15: Speed Learner Timothy Moser im Café – Teil 1/4 – Our personal experience with Speed Learning

Timothy Moser Portrait

Fließend Spanisch lernen in nur einem Monat? Heute im Memory Café: Mein Gespräch mit Timothy Moser von Der erste Speed Learning Kurs der dich innerhalb von einem Monat fließend Spanisch sprechen lehrt. Der erste Kurs dieser Art der vollends auf Mnemotechniken aufbaut. Diese Memory Café Episode ist auf Englisch.

Höre in dieser Episode mit Timothy und mir:

  • How we came to know mnemonics, our personal stories around speed learning techniques
  • How the first time ever teaching somebody went for us (well, not so good :D)
  • Why some people think mnemonics are just too much work and how to convince them that this is just not true and that they are missing out on so much
  • How mnemonics changed Timothy’s life
  • One of my most fulfilling experiences with a student who studied for her medical exams
  • What’s driving me at Rethinking Memory in teaching mnemonics to all people
  • What the most fulfilling part is in using mnemonics
  • How you can learn so much more (not only knowledge) if you learn with a memory palace
  • How learning history with a memory palace can teach you about life in general
  • How you can apply mnemonics to every day life and how that will transform the way you walk through life.
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